Whether you have just started your career or you have worked in the banking and financial services industry for many years, the UIBFS membership Program is designed to provide professional support through training and Continuous Professional Development (CPDs) to enable her members develop the knowledge, skills and competence required of today’s banking and finance professionals.

Our membership program was created to provide clear pathways for career development and professional recognition. Ultimately, we give you access to a range of benefits across our membership.

Individual Membership Levels

Level Criteria Who is it for? Membership fee
  • Bank / Financial Institution employees
  • OR Former student of a non-professional course
  • Required to take and pass the Online Basic Banking Course within 3 months of membership enrollment
  • Required to take 20 CPDs annually

Entry or any Career Level

Annual UGX150,000

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Affiliate Professional
  • Graduate of Chartered Banker level 1
  • OR graduate of UIBFS Diploma in Microfinance
  • Required to take 25 CPDs annually
Entry at Officer level

Annual UGX200,000

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Certificated Professional
  • Must have completed some certified modules of Chartered Banker level 2
  • OR Graduate of Professional courses at the Institute e.g. Banking Certificate, Certified Credit Management and Banking certificate
  • OR Has attained any of the following Academic programs, MA in Financial Services, PGD in Agric Risk and Management
  • OR any post Graduate training in Finance Management related field.
  • Required to take 30 CPDs annually
Middle Level Management.

Annual  UGX250,000

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  • Must be a graduate of Chartered Banker Level 2 with at least 3 years banking and financial services work experience
  • Required to take 35 CPDs annually
Middle Level Management

Annual  UGX250,000

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  • Is a graduate of Chartered Banker level 3 with at least 5 years banking & financial services work experience
  • OR Is a graduate of Chartered Banker By Experience 12 week Program; designed for experienced Professionals at EXCO or Senior Management level with 10 years industry experience; 5 of which at Senior level
  • Required to take 35 CPDs annually

Bank / Financial Institutions Heads of Departments, EXCO and Senior Management

Annual UGX300,000

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  • Has attained Chartered Banker qualification with least 10 years of banking and financial services experience
  • Has made significant contribution to the sector
  • Should be Nominated by 2 Fellows, elected by the UIBFS Council
  • Required to take 35 CPDs annually
Bank / Financial Institutions Board of Directors, EXCO and CEOs / MDs

Annual UGX400,000

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Honorary Fellow
  • Person of distinct learning and made significant contribution to the Banking and financial Services industry.
  • Should be nominated by 2 UIBFS fellows and elected by the Council
  • No CPDs required
Bank / Financial Institutions Board Members and CEOs / MDs.

Annual UGX500,000

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Corporate Membership Level

Corporate Membership comprise of banks/ financial Institutions that are registered and carrying on banking / financial services business in Uganda (which include Commercial Banks, Credit Institutions, Micro Deposit Taking Institutions (MDI’s) and Development Banks operating in Uganda) regulated by Bank of Uganda as well as regulatory / statutory bodies and development Partners within the financial services industry and or any other financial institution that shall have fulfilled membership requirements as shall be prescribed and approved by the Board from time to time.

Based on your experience and qualifications, and upon becoming a graded member (ACIM, MCIM, FCIM), you can begin your route to becoming a Chartered Marketer.

Level Criteria Who is it for? Membership fee

Banks and financial Institutions registered and carrying out banking and financial services business in Uganda

Commercial Banks, ,Development Banks, Credit Institutions, Statutory Bodies, Regulatory Bodies and Development partners within the financial services industry

Annual UGX5,000,000

as Corporate member Joining Fees

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Speak to a membership advisor:
Call +256 041 4233628
Email ssemakula@uib.or.ug