Welcome to the UIBFS Membership Management System (UIBFS MMS), UIBFS MMS is an online channel for managing membership aspects such as Applying for Membership, Upgrading Membership Status, Admission, Applying for Trainings and Notifications.

When applying, fill in all the required information for the purpose of admission and investigating your feedback.

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Members Benefits


  • Chartered Banker
  • Executive Banker
  • Professional Banker
  • CPD Programme
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programme
  • Regional Networks/Affiliations
  • Members Code of Ethics

Quality Training

  • Monthly Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Professionalism
  • Online Journals


  • Regional Networks
  • Sector Interest Groups
  • Networking Events


  • Digital Content Hub
  • Strategic Insights & Cocepts in Quarterly Magazines, Newsletters
  • Networking Events


  • Awards

Coaching & Mentorship

  • Coaching & Mentorship

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